Colorado Tower provides its customers and visitors with onsite security personnel. There is a security console located in the Main Lobby of the building and there is a Dock Master’s office located adjacent to the loading dock. Security officers are onsite to assist with Customer’s needs and to observe and report building conditions.

A security officer is available to escort tenants to their vehicles in the parking garage. We encourage all Customers to utilize this service, especially in the evenings and on weekends. Please call Security at (512) 420-5820 should you need assistance at any time.

As an added security precaution, we ask that you notify us of any employee terminations. We can then make certain the officers are aware of any potential problems that may be associated with a termination situation. It also allows us to update and keep your employee list current. If you use an access card system, it is important to retrieve the card from the employee and delete the card from the system.

Firearms Policy

Colorado Tower is a firearms-free property. No one may enter the property openly carrying a handgun. Concealed handguns are also prohibited. Security officers have been instructed to notify anyone who violates this policy that they are trespassing and request that they leave the property immediately. Non-compliance with this policy will immediately result in summoning the local authorities.

Access Cards

Building access cards are distributed upon occupancy as requested by the designated Customer contact. Building access card readers are located at the front lobby entrance and in the parking garage elevators. Access cards should be utilized after building standard hours, on weekends and on all holidays to gain entry to the building. Since each building access card is directly linked to one individual, cards should not be passed to fellow employees.

Should a card become lost or stolen, employees should contact their designated tenant contact person so that a request can be submitted to property management to de-activate the card. These requests will be placed through the on-line portal for the building.

Replacement cards for those that are lost or damaged are available through the Property Management Office for a nominal fee.

Please contact Building Management using the Service Request link to make changes to existing access cards or to request more access cards. Please allow 2 business days for all access card requests.

Key and Locks

Keys are given to a designated tenant representative in advance of your move. Key and lock work is available upon request and must be coordinated through the Property Management Office. Customers may not re-key their spaces without coordinating with the Property Management Office. Please place your request through the Tenant Admin Center. Management will obtain a price estimate for your approval; upon receiving the approval, the work will be scheduled for you. Duplicate keys are available through the Property Management Office for a minimal charge. Please allow 2 business days for all keying requests.

Security Tips

Property Management has implemented many procedures in an effort to prevent the theft of Customer’s property, however; Customers, employees, visitors, and contractors are wholly responsible for the security of their items. By following a few simple guidelines, the incidents of thefts or intruders can be greatly reduced or eliminated.

  1. Never leave a suite door unlocked while the reception area is unattended, even if it is momentary.
  2. Rear doors or secondary entrances should be kept locked at all times. Doors should never be propped open.
  3. When using your access card, make sure that only you enter on your card. Do not let some one else enter or “piggyback” on your card.
  4. Hang coats and wraps away from the entrance to the office to reduce the possibility of these items being easily stolen while you are busy. Keep valuables out of sight at all times.
  5. If you are keeping cash in your office, it should be the minimum necessary amount and should be kept in a locked location within your suite.
  6. Any items of value, such as stamps, checks and cash, should be locked in an office.
  7. Lock desks when not seated at them.
  8. Keep purses and gift packages out of sight and locked inside a cabinet or desk at all times.
  9. The building prohibits all solicitors and peddlers. While there are many legitimate solicitors, most Tenants do not desire to be bothered. Please call Security immediately to report all solicitors and peddlers, so they may be properly escorted from the building.
  10. Do not let persons other than your employees and clients into building restrooms.
  11. Building personnel are always ready to properly identify themselves. All contractors authorized to work in the building are required to sign-in with security and display a visitor badge while working at Colorado Tower. An unrecognizable person, posing as working for the building, should be reported to the Property Management Office or Security immediately. Every Tenant has the right to ask individuals who enter their suite for proper identification.
  12. Legitimate messenger service personnel carry proper identification. If a messenger does not produce identification when asked for it, building security should be notified immediately.
  13. Receptionist should be instructed to keep all visitors in the reception area and to ask the person being visited to come out and greet the visitor. This will reduce the possibility of unauthorized people entering a Tenant space.
  14. Collect keys and access cards from terminated employees. Call the Property Management Office immediately to deactivate card numbers of all cards you collect from terminated employees or any lost or stolen cards.

Solicitation is not permitted in Colorado Tower. If suspicious persons are seen loitering anywhere in the building or garage, please report them to Security or the Property Management Office at 512-248-4000. A Security Officer will respond immediately.