Building Procedures

Building Management

Colorado Tower is located at 303 Colorado Street, Austin, Texas 78701. The Property Management Office is located in Suite 2600. The office hours are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The telephone number for the Property Management Office is (512) 248-4000. For an after-hours emergency, please contact Security at (512) 420-5820.

The mailing address for the Property Management Office is:

Cousins Properties Inc.
303 Colorado Street, Suite 2600
Austin, TX 78701

Building Events

Colorado Tower will host several events for tenant participation, including tenant appreciation events, blood drives, flu shot clinics, toy and food drives, fire warden emergency procedures meetings and fire drills. Information regarding these events will be posted on this website throughout the year.

Disabled Access

Should an individual need assistance or directions to a disabled parking space, please contact Security at (512)-420-5820 or the Property Management Office at (512)-248-4000.


Colorado Tower is equipped with a total of eleven state of the art passenger elevators and one service elevator designed to assure timely response and service.

Passenger Elevators

Three ThyssenKrupp passenger elevators serve the parking garage. You may take a garage elevator to the Main Building Lobby and transfer to either the low rise or the hi-rise elevator bank to reach your destination.

Four ThyssenKrupp passenger elevators serve the low-rise portion of the Tower, Levels 15-22. 

Four ThyssenKrupp passenger elevators serve the hi-rise portion of the Tower, Levels 23-30.

Service Elevator Dimensions/Capacity

One ThyssenKrupp service elevator:

Doors – 4 ’ wide, 8 ’ 10.5” high
Cab – 5 ’8 ” wide, 8 ’5 ” deep, x 10’ high
Weight Capacity – 5,000 lbs, 500 fpm

Service Elevators/Freight Elevators are only to be used for deliveries, bikes, or any vendor visits that require equipment or material transport. All freight use must be requested through the service request site.

Click Here to Put in a Service Elevator Request

Energy Efficiency Measures

To reduce the electric bills and your operating expenses, you and your employees may personally assist by monitoring any unnecessary equipment usage. Actions such as ensuring that lights are turned off when leaving for the day and in offices/areas that are not in use; turning off coffee pots, turning off computers, monitors and copiers. Maintaining window blinds in a lowered position, with slats tilted against the sun at 45 degrees from horizontal may seem insignificant, however, when you consider the total office space within Colorado Tower, implementing these simple daily tasks can result in a significant reduction in electrical consumption. Not only does your company benefit from these energy conservation measures, it helps the overall energy and environmental condition of our community.

You too can make a difference!

Hours of Operations

Colorado Tower is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week for building tenants. These hours relate to building access only and not to other services, such as air conditioning and maintenance. Generally, air conditioning operates between 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Should you require extended air conditioning hours, please contact the property management office to obtain access to the on-line HVAC program.

Entrances - Building and Parking

Colorado Tower is served by one project entrance on Colorado Street. A multi-level parking garage serves the building and is also accessed on Colorado Street.

After Hours Access

Located next to the main entrance of the building is a proximity card access reader. Access cards should be utilized after building standard hours as well as all day on weekends and holidays to gain entry to the building.

Each tenant should insure that their employees who are permitted after-hours access have an access card. If guests, clients or delivery personnel arrive at the building (after-hours) without an access card or without prior written notification to Security (from the designated Customer Contact), Security will contact the designated tenant representative to notify them of the person’s arrival. Each customer is responsible for greeting the person and taking them up to their suite. Security is not permitted to grant access to the building or to customer suites.

Should you have a vendor or contractor who will need access to the building after hours, please contact the property management office at least one day in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

Loading Dock/ Deliveries

All deliveries are required to utilize the Loading Dock and Service Elevator. Deliveries are never permitted through the Main Lobby or by utilizing passenger elevators. This includes all FedEx, UPS, US Mail deliveries, office supply companies and any other delivery services being used.

The Loading Dock is equipped with three (3) dock-high bay areas that can accommodate vehicles up to 30’ in length. The dock ceiling height is approximately 25’. Standard 48’ or 53' semi-trucks will be able to pull into the alley adjacent to the loading dock subject to City of Austin regulations. Please notify your delivery companies of these specifications and note that they are responsible for determining the appropriate size truck to make deliveries to the building and/or the City of Austin regulations concerning the alley.

Delivery vehicles are limited to thirty (30) minutes at the Loading Dock. Larger deliveries that take longer than thirty (30) minutes must be scheduled to occur after business hours or on weekends. Please contact Building Management to submit a request.

A Dock Master will be stationed at the loading dock to assist delivery personnel with access to the service elevator during business hours. For after-hours deliveries please contact the Building Management.

For liability reasons, Security is never permitted to accept or sign for packages or deliveries unless your firm has signed a Delivery Acceptance form, available through the management office and by using the following link.


Mail & Overnight Delivery Services

U.S. mail is distributed by a postal employee to the Mail Room located off the Main Lobby. Mail delivery and pick-up times vary, so please check the posted schedule for exact times.

For more information about the mail service, contact the U.S. Postmaster at (800) 274 –8777.

Colorado Tower is served by the main post office at the following address:

United States Post Office
4516 Burleson Road
Austin, TX 78744-9998

Phone: (512) 444 –1083

There is a Post Office Service Counter located on Congress Avenue between 8th & 9th Streets:

823 Congress Avenue - Suite 150
Austin, Texas 78701

FedEx, LSO and UPS drop boxes are located in the Mail Room adjacent to the Main Lobby.

Pick-up times are:
FedEx: Monday - Friday at 6:00 PM
UPS: Monday - Friday at 7:45 PM
LSO: Monday - Friday at 7:00 PM


Colorado Tower's parking garage may be accessed from Colorado Street. The double helix, 12-level structure provides parking for our customers and their guests. Reserved spaces are assigned in accordance with lease requirements and un-reserved spaces may be used by all customers on a first-come first served basis. The first level of the garage is reserved solely for our customer’s guests. To ensure adequate parking for our contracted customers, public parking is not permitted.

The garage is managed by our third-party partner, REEF Parking. Juan Montalvo is the Facility Manager with REEF Parking and is available to answer all questions regarding the garage, fees, etc. Juan can be reached at

303 Colorado Garage Visitor Parking Rates

Public Rates:

0-1 hour $15.00

1-2 hours $20.00

Over 2 hours $25.00

Guest Rates (Validations):

0-2 hours $5.00

2-2.5 hours $10.00

Over 2.5 hours $18.00

Note: There is a ten minute grace period before parking rates start to apply.