Colorado Tower is located in the heart of the Historic Warehouse District in downtown Austin and is adjacent to or within walking distance of the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail, the Austin Convention Center, Austin City Hall, Austin City Limits, multiple high-end hotels and provides convenient access to major thoroughfares including IH-35 & Mopac Expressway. The building is conveniently located near banking, coffee shops, casual & fine dining venues and many local & national retailers.

In addition to its direct access to such an array of area businesses and destinations, Colorado Tower also offers on-site 24 hour security patrol services, on-site property management services, a state of the art Fitness Center, a controlled access parking garage and flexible conferencing facilities available for use by all building customers.


Food and Beverage Services
Health and Fitness

A State of the art Fitness Center is located on the Amenities level of the building [level 15] and is available for use by all employees of our customers. Fully equipped locker rooms, with towel service, are also available for your use. 

If you are interested in joining the Fitness Center, please familiarize yourself with the Rules and Regulations below. Once you have read the rules of the center, please read the Release and Indemnification statement (link below) and electronically sign and submit this form to the management office. Once this Release has been received, the management staff will program your access card to allow you entry into the Fitness Center. Please allow 48 hours for your card to be updated. 

There is no charge for building employees to use the Fitness Center. Out of consideration of all building employees, we ask that you not permit friends or family members to access the Center with your access card. Children are never permitted in the Fitness Center.

Fitness Center Rules and Regulations 

  • A building access card will be assigned to you and programmed to allow access into the Building Fitness Center (fitness center) and the appropriate shower/changing area. If you currently have a building access card, the card will be programmed to give you access into the fitness center and the appropriate shower/changing area after you have read and acknowledged the Fitness Center Rules & Regulations and Indemnification. You must utilize your card only for access; the use of another individual’s card can result in termination of your access & use of the fitness center.
  • All users are required to exercise good judgment when selecting proper exercise attire when using the fitness center. All users will be required to wear shirts and athletic shoes at all times (except floor exercises, yoga or aerobics). Street clothes and shoes are not permitted.
  • There is a 20-minute time limit on the cardiovascular machines when another user is waiting for this machine. All users are asked to be courteous when working out.
  • All users are required to wipe all cardiovascular and weight equipment as you finish utilizing them. This includes all components of the equipment and the floor area around the equipment. Disinfecting wipes are provided for this purpose.
  • All users are also required to clean up after yourself in the workout areas and in the shower/changing areas.
  • Dropping the weights is strictly prohibited as this creates noise that carries to other floors and lease spaces.
  • Televisions are provided for your use at your discretion. Please avoid loud or offensive programs while other users are present.
  • Music is provided in the fitness center at all times. Use of headphones or ear buds is required at all times; users may not bring in any device that is not connected to headphones or ear buds.
  • Fitness center users may NOT bring their own equipment to be used in the fitness center.
  • Use of the fitness center is solely for the individual use of building employees, not family, friends or company employees from other locations. You must be a tenant of Colorado Tower to use the facility. At no time are children allowed to use any of the equipment or to be present in the fitness center.
  • External trainers or instructors are permitted only when they have applied through the management office and provided the required documentation. Trainers may bring their own equipment for use while they are conducting training sessions. The equipment must be stored away at all other times.
  • The hours of operation of the fitness center are 4:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M., Monday through Friday (excluding building holidays). The fitness center may remain open at other times, solely at the discretion of building management. The fitness center will be cleaned by the buildings janitorial contractor starting at 9:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. In order to provide clean and stocked locker room facilities, the locker rooms will be closed for cleaning once during daytime hours, generally at 3:00 pm. Typically these cleanings will be completed within 20 minutes.
  • The fitness center does not utilize an operator to run the facility. You must provide your own toiletries and clean up after yourself. Towels are provided as an amenity and may NOT be removed from the facility.
  • There are separate Men’s and Women’s shower/changing areas. Lockers may not be used for more than two hours at a time. All items must be removed from the lockers when you finish utilizing the fitness center and absolutely nothing may be stored longer than two hours or overnight. As these lockers are not reserved, they are on a first come, first served basis. Please be considerate of others. Management reserves the right to remove & discard any locker contents remaining for more than two hours or at any time this policy is violated.
  • Items are not to be staged at the showers as you are working out; they may be placed there just prior to showering. It impedes the flow of people getting in & out in a timely manner. Please be considerate of others.
  • A Release Indemnification Form must be signed by every individual who wishes to use the fitness center prior to utilizing it the first time. Access cards will not be programmed for Fitness Center use until the Indemnification Form is signed.

Release and Indemnification Statement


Meeting Facilities

The Colorado Tower houses two state-of-the-art conference rooms for customer use on the 15th floor of the property. The Lake Austin conference room is the largest room and it seats 36 people. However, it can also expand to include the smaller conference room and seat a total of 60 people. There is a large projection screen and window lakeside view. The smaller of the two rooms, the Lady Bird Lake conference room can seat 18 people or more. It is equipped with two flat screens for presentations and video conferencing.

Customers of Colorado Tower can reserve these rooms for use during business hours Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm on the Electronic Tenant Solutions website.

For further information on the facility and customizing the room use around event needs, please contact the property management office at

Management & Security
  • On site management team 
  • 24/7 security